The Mother’s Way of Living Dreams

I was captured again by this post and struck by its value and direction, anytime, but especially now, as we enter Lent. What is your deepest desire for your life?

God In All Things

coffee and book Decision-making: It’s not just about life-changing decisions like accepting a new job, deciding where to go to university, choosing whom to marry, or whether to buy a house. Decision-making mainly comes down to the choices we make daily, like What am I going to eat for breakfast? How will I respond to the co-worker who irritates me? Should I say no to this extra project? How am I going to spend my lunch hour?

In Margaret Blackie’s book Rooted in Love, which I recently posted about, she talks about the importance of noticing these small things and how they may or may not be life-giving. “It is important to pay attention to how you feel after a cup of coffee with a friend, or reading a particular book, or magazine or website. … practise actively choosing those things which are drawing out the best in you.”

These small daily…

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2 responses to “The Mother’s Way of Living Dreams”

  1. I want to encourage others to enjoy their family life. Life-giving family life 🙂 May you be blessed this Advent, Mary Adrienne ❤

    1. Thank you Angie. Family IS so important and so easily taken for granted. Yet, every day in so many ways, family is there and allowing us continual opportunities to love and be loved. One of God’s most special gifts .. and He’s right there in our midst.

      Blessings on your Lent. I’m looking forward to hearing from you along the way.

      Mary Adrienne

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