Prioritizing Prayer, Again and Again and, Then, Again

I think we can all relate to Jurel’s post on needing to prioritize our prayer.

My most recent excuse has been that I want to first clear my decks of distractions, so I can pray without concern for all the tasks of my day. Even knowing that prayer and time with God will make the burden of all those tasks lighter as I share them with Him, this excuse can wheedle it’s way into my consciousness.

So, I pray for Jurel and for all of us as we place God at the center of our lives and our beings….and then, when life slips in and bumps us off our center, as it will do, I pray we recognize our shortcoming and reapply ourselves to God knowing He has already forgiven us and is right there waiting for us to turn again to Him.



This blog is the first of eight reflections being written for the Ignatian Prayer Adventure hosted by Keep reading 🙂

To be quite honest, making time for prayer and meditation has always been one of my biggest struggles. For me it’s like exercising—I love the idea but it seems there is a force that keeps me glued to my couch or at my computer. It’s as if someone drugged me with fear, or even worse—the curse of being “too busy.” Yet every time I find a way out of this “curse” and into a gym, I discover more energy, more life, and more peace.

It might be embarrassing to admit this, but throughout this week of contemplation, I’ve discovered that I’m not where I want to be. There is a serious aching in my heart to know and encounter God, yet I continually find myself stuck. I’m so caught…

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