Return To Our Lord. Refresh Our Spirits. Remember Who and Whose We are.

I was reminded (again) today by our priest’s sermon that we all need to refuel periodically, even…maybe, most especially…in our spiritual life.

We don’t just “get God” or “get saved” and then go on about our life. Just as our bodies need rest and food, our spirits need rest and spiritual refreshment — life-giving food only available from time spent with Our Lord.

This message, combined with Fr. Robert Barron‘s Lenten reflection on “theo-dramas” versus “ego-dramas,” In describing the ego-drama portrayed in a Man for All Seasons about Sir Thomas More, Barron says:

What More assumes is the profoundly spiritual truth that the only audience worth playing for is the divine audience, and the only drama worth acting in—even in the smallest role—is God’s.

Today’s lessons then:

1. Return to our Lord for spiritual refreshment; and

2. Remember the only audience worth playing for is God.

I’m reminded of my early objectives when constructing this blog

It is my prayer that God has drawn you to this place and that you will find it a blessing along your own journey with Him. It would certainly be a blessing for me, if you were to let me know you’re out there. But, as much as I will give thanks to God for leading you to me, to this place, I really have no other choice but to do this divine work.

I must be about my way now….”I’m coming, Lord.

Return, Refresh, and Remember. These seem worthy objectives for this rainy second Sunday in Lent.

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