Composition of Place in House of Cards

A fine example of finding “God In All Things.” Great post from Andy Otto.

God In All Things

House of Cards Zoe Contemplation I’ve recently gotten addicted to the Netflix political drama House of Cards , starring Kevin Spacey. Spacey’s character Frank Underwood is a congressman who plays all the political games of bribery and self-interest. It’s not the most ethical or moral storyline, but it is intriguing. Underwood befriends a young journalist named Zoe Barnes who works at a Washington newspaper. Zoe’s getting famous for some juicy political news she’s helped leak courtesy of Underwood. In episode 3 of season 1, when Nightline offers her an on-air job she’s not sure whether to take the job or not so she calls Underwood.

Underwood, despite being a totally unethical and immoral human being, seems to lead Zoe through an Ignatian composition of place, one that Saint Ignatius would be proud of:

Underwood: Close your eyes.
Zoe: Okay.
Underwood: It’s 11:25. Nightline is about to come on. Millions of people are watching. Where…

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