Life is very, very good. Life with God in charge is….heavenly.

It has been so long since I’ve written substantively here…so long since we’ve talked…that it’s hard to know where to start.

And, isn’t this always the way where there’s separation, disconnection, distance? We lose our place. We miss important events in one anothers’ lives. We fall out of touch.

The “project,” I’ll call it, was to help our daughter move 2500 miles across country to a new home and a new job…a new life, really. The opportunity was a true gift from God. There were so many miracles, so much euphoria. I feel certain it will be a while before I understand all the lessons and discern God’s handiwork with any real clarity. The time has been both exhilarating and exhausting.

I asked God early on how to handle my blogging while I was engaged with ‘the project’ (it was really 6 or 7 major projects in one as it turned out.) I didn’t feel that I could reflect thoughtfully or write insightfully — heck, I wasn’t sure I could even write grammatically with the pace we were keeping — about much of anything until my part of the work was done. This place, this communication, I felt, needed more, deserved more, than I could give.

Still, where communication is suspended, relationships suffer. It’s true for friends and couples and between ourselves and God.

I’d welcome your thoughts about this whole subject. I know several of you have written in the past about this and that my feelings of undifferentiated, amorphous disappointment in myself are not unique or even unusual. How do you make time for this blog space, how do you do it justice, during times when life’s demands become…well…demanding?

And yet, I asked for and felt the comfort of your prayers. Thank you so very much. You first deserve an update:

  • My daughter has a new job, a new home, and a whole new community of friends. I thrill when she tells me nearly each day for the last 2 months that she feels everything about this total change in her life is right and exactly where God wants her to be right now;
  • Her old home near us is on the market and we’re currently praying for a quick sale (late breaking news: we just received our first offer!);
  • In the meantime our son and daughter-in-law (about whom I have written before here and here) went to the hospital with labor pains in early May…our new baby grand daughter arrived 7 weeks early. She stayed in the Neo-Natal ICU for several weeks. She is, nonetheless, perfect! (This is just simple fact and has nothing to do with my grandmotherly status!) She has over the last month gained weight (she’s over 7 lbs) and lung capacity and she’s now home with mom and dad and they are all thriving in every way. We celebrated Father’s Day together in their home last Sunday. I’d forgotten what 7 lbs. babies are like to hold…there’s just no feeling like it in the whole world.
  • We are so very blessed by God’s amazing grace. The abundance of His love over the last couple of months was everywhere and in every encounter:
    • He helped us carry our burden by sending us the kindness and charity of so many wonderful friends and family who sent their good wishes and prayers to me and made sure my husband was feted with good food and company during my absences.
    • There was our mover, who together with his wife, the dispatcher, held our hand during the long move, as they transported all our daughter’s belongings, arriving right on time with everything in perfect condition, and with no last minute surprises in price.
    • There was the HVAC expert, who gave up his Saturday morning to help us vent a portable air conditioner; and
    • The appliance repair guys, who made themselves immediately available to fix a washing machine; and
    • Our realtors, who offered their friendship and their own personal resources to help us; and
    • Our financial wizards, who just wouldn’t give up, even in the face of fairly complicated transactions; and
    • The hardware store clerk, who spent nearly an hour helping me figure out how to secure a dog kennel; and
    • So many thoughtful drivers who let me cut in when I missed my turns in unfamiliar country.
    • There were, of course, all the caring and competent neo-natal staff taking care of our grand daughter…and her parents; and
    • The fact that our grand daughter joined us during one of the short windows when I was in town was a true personal blessing; and
    • We enjoyed a full complement of joy-filled family communicating with parents and all the rest of us with abundant use of the “reply all” feature on their email and texting. We were, as a result, able to share across family lines and across geography and time zones in one another’s experiences of wonder and joy with the new and precious baby girl in our midst.

The list seems almost endless…right down to some unknown young man who was standing in front of me in line at the airport, who paid for my water bottle as he was purchasing his own. It turned out he was sitting across the aisle from me on my flight home and before I even realized I needed help lifting my carry-on bag, he was up out of his seat, man-handling it into the overhead bin, assuring me as he did so that he would get it down for me when we landed…WOW! The good Lord had me surrounded with his angels.

Life is very, very good…life with God in charge is heavenly.





5 responses to “Life is very, very good. Life with God in charge is….heavenly.”

  1. Mary, your words encourage me to focus on the gifts of mercy and grace we receive each and every day. Thank you for sharing all these encouraging signs of His Presence in your life. I’m rejoicing with you.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. Thanks Wendy…I love the company!

  2. Mary Adrienne, we are living parallel lives! I know of what you speak!!! And I too am looking for answers about integrating blogging more carefully….more fluidly into my life, even when life is HUGE (because so often it is HUGE.) Congratulations to you, lovely grandmother, and how fun to be in the grandmother club together.

    On thing that did come to my mind, and I’m hoping to write about it soon, is this. When my daughter married last summer and moved out of state, I knew that I would miss her tremendously, but I didn’t realize that I would grieve…grieve. Funny, I happen to know too much about grieving and how to help others when they grieve but it didn’t click in my brain that *I* was grieving, as were my husband, sons, and friends at home. It wasn’t until I was 8 months in, March, that I pieced the puzzle together. While I don’t believe I would have done anything differently, it would have helped to explain some things. Like why I was down sometimes for “no reason” or when I couldn’t bring myself to throw our annual St. Patrick’s day party.

    So, just want to say, be gentle with yourself. I don’t want to talk you into feeling anything that you aren’t, for sure. But a mother’s love for her child is amazingly mysterious and powerful. Separation can be very disorienting no matter how wonderful the reasons for the separation.

    I’m praying for your mama heart and look forward to figuring out this blogging thing together 🙂 (Heck, I think I’ll copy this comment into a draft for my future post!) Take, care…promise? ❤

  3. Hi Angie…so good ‘to hear your voice’! I do promise to go easy.
    My daughter and I have always been so close it has seemed a bit weird to both of us (mostly her though…I’ve always rather liked it), so when she moved an hour away after having been living at home for a couple of years after college, I did find myself at loose ends and probably a bit depressed.

    This most recent move has been a topic of discussion for some time, so when the opportunity presented itself we were all ready, it seemed, to seize it with full-throated optimism. My husband and I are seriously considering a similar move. So, we’ll see what God has in store us in the coming months/years. In the meantime she and I have gotten very practiced at talking by phone on her way to and from work (hands-free everyone!) and texting.

    Still, I find her physical absence from our home a bit like what I understand losing a limb can be like. I look around knowing she should be there, feel her presence, prepare to lean on her, only to belatedly realize she not there and that the left-behind bits needs a good massage and some tender loving care.

    And, so it goes. She continues to revel in her new job and new friends, and for this I am tremendously grateful. A true God-given answer to my prayers for her.

    You should post your note (or some version of it) to me…it was insightful and so very much appreciated. Thank you!

    Mary Adrienne

  4. […] What a gift this blogosphere is or can be. I have struggled in my recent months of busy-ness, feeling guilty about not spending more time in prayer and contemplation, not spending more time here. I’ve asked for God’s help and insight about how to find better balance in my life. I’ve written about it here and here. […]

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