A Word of Encouragement

I wish I could like this post several times over. Please take the time to read this post on the value of our virtual ministries. Thank you, Tami, for reblogging Pastor Ledoux’s full-throated endorsement of our work here online, to fill and be fulfilled, to bless and to be blessed.



I want to take a little time to get personal and share with you some things that I have learned through experience and time and especially the last couple of years working with so many wonderful people on the internet.

I have been told many times by some peers and family, many of them well-meaning, but just lacking understanding, that internet ministry is just a hobby. They tell me that at the most it can be a tool used to get people involved in your “real” church. Of course what they mean is what I like to call the “brick and mortar” church.

The thing that I have found to be true though and especially working so diligently with so many of who have ministry on the world-wide-web is that the “real” church is right here! I don’t mean in the traditional sense of course, but the real church has

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2 responses to “A Word of Encouragement”

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Sis. I myself went through a time of wondering, trials etc. I thought when I was younger, that as I aged the trials and ordeals would lessen! Shows the naiveté
    of youth!:-) But, we go through what our Heavenly Father allows and learn, knowing, that He is ever with us, even though the turmoil might speak otherwise!
    I like your writing and am ALWAYS on the look for more inspiration, encouragement and yes even experiences. With God, it’s all good (eventually!). I will love being able to follow your blog and those I blogs I feel led of the Lord too, I usually post their link on my Links Page. If, perchance you would rather not have it there, just let me know Sis. No questions asked. I try and trust the Lord in ALL things!
    Until later, God bless you ever so richly! And Sis, don’t ever doubt the desire in your heart to add what you find inspiring to your blog – that IS the Holy Spirit working. Sometimes it seems so subtle we wonder, but years of experience and the starts and stops has shown me that is Him working in us! Again, God bless you and yours!

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I would be honored to be included on your Links page. I feel richly blessed and highly favored! Mary

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