The Boundless Beauty of Holy Ground

What do we miss when we ‘don’t look deeply enough.’ Great post by Michelle Lesher SSJ from God In All Things.

God In All Things

This is a guest post by Michelle Lesher, SSJ.

Picture it. An August retreat. A sunset as beautiful as any I had ever seen. The colors turned the sky into an artist’s canvas and I felt compelled to immortalize it using the camera on my brand new smart phone – Should be easy, right? I think not. Instead, what I got was shot after shot of a blurry hazy ball of orange nothing. Frustrated, I held the camera face down in front of me trying to figure out how in the world to zoom in so that I could see something; anything with a little more clarity. I accidentally pushed the shutter button and this is what I saw:

Sand Close-up

This was most definitely not the lovely sunset still happening in front of me! In fact, it took me a few moments to realize what I was seeing – the sand magnified…

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