Calling me

Holy Spirit, I’m drawn once again to online expression. To share with others my personal conversations with You and my Holy Father, who created me and who loves me and who yearns to be part of my life. 

It’s odd how intimidating communication can be if it has been left too long dormant. How to start again an old conversation; how to catch up? Best not to let this ground lay fallow for so long. So I will just begin where I am and leave blank, for now, the intervening time from my last visit.

Putting my prayers — my conversations with You, Holy Lord — on paper to reconsider in light of different events or to savor at a later time or to share seems always to have lasting grace.

I pray, heavenly Father, as we get going here again in this place that You guide my thoughts and my words…and my hands, as it happens…to those purposes that You have for me and this work. 

In Christ’s name I pray that You help me to empty myself of myself, so Your light is able to shine through my writing. Help me to seek not personal recognition, but rather to be a vessel for You and Your purposes. 

I pray that these conversations with You, these intimate words between You and me might bless others as You continually bless me. 


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