Meditation before the Blessed Sacrament – My Lord and My God

And have you no thoughts of zeal for Me? Are you not anxious to do a little good for the souls of your friends, for those whom you love, and who, perhaps, forget Me? Tell Me who interests you, what motives urge you, what means you wish to take.

Holy Father, Your presence never leaves me. Help me, I pray, that I never leave You, never separate from Your life-renewing spirit. I love You, my loving Father, and do not find in any other circumstance the peace we share here together.

Yet, when life intervenes and calls me to action, worldly responsibilities and distractions can take me from You. I’m sorry. Don’t let go of me, Holy Lord. I need You and I love You. Even when I am doing Your will, I can, it seems, lose sight of You. This human brain and heart seem only ever able to focus on one thing at a time.

Yet, I pray that all things in my life should be ordered by Your will. You first, Father, and only then, all else.

So, if I have one prayer for myself today, Father, it is this: Forgive me. Have mercy on my weaknesses. Cleanse my sin-filled heart. Show me Your Way. Teach me to love You and others as myself. Mold me to be Your own. Make me worthy of Your love that I might one day say with confidence: My Lord and My God, to You only do I commend my life and my spirit.

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