More worthy of You

Oh Lord, You are drawing me more and more deeply
into the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and
into praying for our world.
I pray that my prayers are pleasing to You and
through them that I am drawn
more deeply into relationship with You,
more worthy of You,
more formed by You,
more conformed to You,
more pleasing to You,
more worthy of You.
In Christ’s name I pray to whom with thee and the Holy Spirit
are One God for ever and ever.

3 responses to “More worthy of You”

  1. The Holy Rosary is a mighty weapon against the enemy, while drawing our bodies, minds and souls closer to God. May God bless us and have mercy on us.

    1. Blessings on you, Bernadette. It always comforts me when I see you here. I hope you and your family are well and happy. Mary

      1. Thank you, Mary. I feel the same way about you.

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