Sharing the Light of Your Love

Thank You for this day, for the family and husband You have given me,
And for the friends You’ve given into my care.
I pray, Father, for Your aid and strength in how I carry the light of Your love to them.
Help me to empty myself of myself, that Your light may be unfiltered and unfettered by the confusion, chaos, or corruption lingering in me, born of my sin against You and the Holy Spirit.

Give me, I pray, Holy Lord, Your divine and unquenchable thirst for doing Your Will for me, with this writing.
Determine for me when it is time to bring it into the world and to present it in Your temple for Your blessing.
Will there be a time, soon thereafter, when I must take it with me into the desert to protect it from hostile forces, like when Mother Mary and St. Joseph fled with You to Egypt for a time?
Will there be a time, even after that, during which it needs be fed and nurtured and conformed to Your will,
Before it will be ready to begin its own public ministry,
Before it meets with hostility and death and resurrection and eternity with You, Holy Lord?
Just so. Thy Will be done.
But not, I pray, before it has accomplished Your Will for it,
Accomplished all that You choose for it to be.
Not before it has touched the hearts of those You wish to touch,
Prepared the ones You have planned for it to prepare,
Shared the light of Your love with those future holy ones You have chosen to be Your own.

Thanks be to You, Holy Lord, for sharing Your abundant graces with one such as me.

Itnotfaotsaoths. Amen.

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