Lead me to follow You in faith

Lord, lead me to follow You faithfully,
To fall not into despair,
Nor to become impatient and full of self-pity
In those times when You lead me in quiet and aloneness.

But rather strengthen me to seek Your Will,
To listen for Your call;

Strengthen me to wait for You,
To stand alert and ready to protect Your precious prayer in my heart;

Strengthen me from weariness
And the temptations of the evil one.

Help me to prepare my heart for Your coming.
Teach me to trim my wicks,
To fill my lamps,
To soften my heart and open it fully to Your plan,
Ready at a moment’s notice,
To join You in joyful procession to our wedding feast.

Thanks be to God for You and Your Holy Spirit within me.


And in Your loving way, Holy Lord, You answered my tears of loneliness with calls and invitations born on wings of love.

Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ.

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