Prepare me for You, Oh Lord

Father, You gave me your beautiful words during my prayers with You, today at Mass. Help me now to recall them, I pray, and to lift them up to Your glory. Amen.

God our Father in Heaven lean close, I pray, and beckon to me that I might lift my heart to You, that it might brush, if only for a moment, the divinity of Your Holy Spirit.

Lift my mind, Father, that I might know Your majesty, perceive all the ways You act in my life as You bless each moment with Your unfailing love for me.

Lift my eyes, Lord, that I may feast those hungry orbs upon Your beautiful and holy face and be nourished by even a brief gaze returned.

Lift my face to You, Holy Lord, and with the fiery ember of Your passion touch my tongue. Refine it, that the words that pass my mouth offer only praise to Your holy name.

Prepare my lips, Holy Lord, purify them, make them chaste and worthy, at the last, of Your holy kiss at the marriage ceremony of the Lamb.

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