Oh Truth

Oh Truth, here You are standing just before me.
You, who existed before all time;
You, who will be after the end of all time;
Bless me with Your Word.
Incarnate Your Truth in me.

Allow me — my ego, my intellect, my understanding —
To decrease, that You and Your Spirit might increase,
Might find Your Way to me, in me, through me,
To all those other ones, whom You give me as gifts.

Remind me constantly of Bishop Barron’s teaching
That my life is not, in the end, about me.
Without You,
Your movement in my life,
My words are little more than ego-centered whining,
Boring, meaningless murmurs in the absence of Your Grace.

But with You, oh precious Father—
With You — when Your singular song for each of us
Finds its voice within us,
As Your Holy Spirit assumes His proper role
As the center of our stories —
Then, only then, do we begin to perceive
The excitement of living our right roles,
Of finding our right place in Your Time,
In Your body, as a member of Your Bride, the Church.

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