Doubts and Demons and Driving with God

Hello again, Mary Adrienne here. I hope you’ll click on over to see my new post at Nashville Catholic Writers. We’ve been tuning our presentation and getting everyone pulling in the same direction and I think it will be a collection of writing that you’ll enjoy.

Doubts and Demons is my latest post there. With the state of our culture in recent years, I’ve been spending (along with many others) more time trying to learn and understand more about demons and how they work in our lives. As far as I can tell, they’re never NOT present. As our St. Michael prayer says, “they prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls.” But while they can instill fear in us, they are essentially weak in the face of our Lord, who is by our side and firmly planted in our heart.

I hope you’ll follow my story over to Nashville Catholic Writers. It actually circles back to one of my earliest conversations the God — one filled with hope and anticipation and love — which I posted here more than 10 years ago.

Here’s D and D. Many blessings on your day. MA


It’s quiet now. As I sit here in the early morning, after reading out loud today’s lessons about St. Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, the furnace fan is running. But it’s still. The normal busyness of a Thursday morning in the neighborhood seems suspended for the moment. Almost as if God is holding His breath, waiting for me to recognize in the full light of day that the evil one was messing with me during the night. Sowing his foul seeds of doubt and fueling my sense of being unworthy, unprepared to venture forth as I have felt called to do.

[Editor Angel: In fewer words please. Just not good enough. What on earth was I thinking?] But sure enough. There goes one of the little imps now, slinking off to the corner. He heard the readings, too. He knows. When Our Lord is near…more

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