A Word of Encouragement

I wish I could like this post several times over. Please take the time to read this post on the value of our virtual ministries. Thank you, Tami, for reblogging Pastor Ledoux’s full-throated endorsement of our work here online, to fill and be fulfilled, to bless and to be blessed.



I want to take a little time to get personal and share with you some things that I have learned through experience and time and especially the last couple of years working with so many wonderful people on the internet.

I have been told many times by some peers and family, many of them well-meaning, but just lacking understanding, that internet ministry is just a hobby. They tell me that at the most it can be a tool used to get people involved in your “real” church. Of course what they mean is what I like to call the “brick and mortar” church.

The thing that I have found to be true though and especially working so diligently with so many of who have ministry on the world-wide-web is that the “real” church is right here! I don’t mean in the traditional sense of course, but the real church has

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Keep Your Face to the Light

Yes…and again, yes!! I have worked to teach my children this lesson all their lives. They have oft resented my insisting they try (“just try,” I would beg) to smile as they got out of the car to go to school in the morning. Smiling will lighten your heart. You will feel better. But you have to first choose to smile. Fast forward 15 years and they have confirmed this tried and true technique and encouraged others around them to choose joy and happiness and optimism, choose to start with a smile and let the healing begin! Bless you for this post! Mary Adrienne

A Pastor's Thoughts

Don’t you love to be around cheerful people? You know – the kind of person who walks into a room and fills it with a certain light of gladness. The kind of person whose bright disposition chases away the dreariness of the day and lends an infusion of happiness to the room. The kind of person that inevitably makes you stop what you are doing and smile. There is nothing artificial about this person. The pure joy of his soul just bubbles to the surface and infects everyone around him. Cheerfulness is a natural for him!

supreme happiness

I recently saw a TV interview with a man who had been cruelly blinded by a random act of violence. Pure delight with life made his face glow. His statement was this: “When I was blinded, I had a choice to make. I could be bitter, feel cheated, and bring misery into the lives…

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When you’re unhappy, commit an act of love

Lent Reflections with Fr. Robert Barron. I’m just now trying to catch-up with all my reading of the last several weeks. This post from Fr Barron snagged my heart on the way by. Here’s a snippet:

Next time you’re unhappy, here’s what you do: you love. When you’re feeling miserable, write a note to someone who is lonely; make cookies for your kids; visit the nursing home; donate some money to a charity; sign up to help with an after-school program; say a prayer for someone who’s in trouble.

Spring is in the Air

No words I could add would improve this post from GreenLightLady. Enjoy.

Wendy L. Macdonald


Spring is in the Air




Here on Vancouver Island

we have been enjoying

 a taste of spring.




My husband and I

also experienced the biggest snowstorm we’ve had

since moving here over 25 yrs ago.




I have never witnessed

such variation of weather

in so short a time span.




Spring is winning as I type this post;

but graying battle scars of piled snow

now line our street edges.




Hope can carry us through life’s storms too.




Even midst undesirable weather

beauty abounds.




But the beauty of a God

who lavishes a willing soul with grace

calls forth the praise of all creation.




Spring Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


My 1st novel draft has passed the halfway mark (over 43,000 words).

It’s been an exciting week of writing.


I encourage you to…

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Kid President, St. Ignatius, Pope Francis and Corn Dogs

“You were made to be an awesome person!” Kid President. Thanks to Jurell Sison for sharing this.


kidpres I couldn’t help but share this video with everyone. We showed it last night at our Sunday youth night and it literally got a roaring applause afterwards.

Again, I think it speaks to the spirituality in the air in our young people and even in our young adults–particularly the millennial generation. It is yet another video that is not necessarily Catholic in language but surely–Catholic in spirit.

You were made from love, to be love, to spread love.  – Kid President

Here is the first stanza of St. Ignatius’ famous First Principle and Foundation paraphrased by Jacqueline Bergan and Sr. Marie Schwan

Lord, my God
When your love spilled over into creation
You thought of me.
I am from Love, of Love, for Love.

So the answer is yes, Kid President–you’re pep talk resonates with my Catholic heart. And you are, indeed, speaking my language.

PS. I was thinking…

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The Mother’s Way of Living Dreams

I was captured again by this post and struck by its value and direction, anytime, but especially now, as we enter Lent. What is your deepest desire for your life?

God In All Things

coffee and book Decision-making: It’s not just about life-changing decisions like accepting a new job, deciding where to go to university, choosing whom to marry, or whether to buy a house. Decision-making mainly comes down to the choices we make daily, like What am I going to eat for breakfast? How will I respond to the co-worker who irritates me? Should I say no to this extra project? How am I going to spend my lunch hour?

In Margaret Blackie’s book Rooted in Love, which I recently posted about, she talks about the importance of noticing these small things and how they may or may not be life-giving. “It is important to pay attention to how you feel after a cup of coffee with a friend, or reading a particular book, or magazine or website. … practise actively choosing those things which are drawing out the best in you.”

These small daily…

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Check out this cool language translator website…a gift from God!

I may be late to the party on this one, but any of you who are trying to communicate with people speaking languages you don’t know, need to know about this.

It’s a Google-based language translator. It just opened up a whole new world for me as I found I was able to read and understand blog entries from a new follower from Italy. I just pasted Italian text into left-side block, clicked on translate, and, voila, the English version popped up immediately.

What a gift our Lord has given us in the internet!

Don’t rail at injustices, rather seize opportunities for restoration

Excellent reflection today from Fr. Paul Nicholson through the Jesuit Restoration 1814 – Blog.

Those who were members of the Society of Jesus when the Jesuits were suppressed in 1773 were challenged to see God working through the destruction or confiscation of all the institutions that they had created. Those who joined (or re-joined) the Society after its Restoration had to, in Kipling’s phrase, “stoop, and build ‘em up with worn-out tools”. The records we have don’t reveal a group of men who spent those decades railing at the injustices done to them, or plotting against those responsible. Many, perhaps most, simply got on with lives of service within the Church, and gratefully seized the opportunities offered them in the restored Society. In our day, when divisions of opinion within and between parts of the Christian church are often as deep as ever, the thinking behind the Ignatian guidelines for thinking with(in) the church has lost none of its relevance.


Find God in your day today. Pray the Lunchtime Examen

This is a full-on advert for the Lunchtime Examen over at IgnatianSpirituality.com.

I’ve been putting off using this resource for some time now. (God only knows why?) But upon hitting a dry patch in my walk, I was searching about and there it was…much like God…just sitting there waiting for me to notice its presence and partake of the healing power of this prayer.

Thank You, Lord.