Before My Angel

I’ve written poetry (or what I hoped might be called poetry) since my early teens. Most of it I have gratefully “misplaced.” But a few bits that I have shared here have found their way into my “saved” files. They aren’t awful for the most part, although they might be justifiably called “over-wrought.”
Nonetheless, they offer a glimpse into who I was before I managed to allow God to be part of my life…that time that I refer to as “before my angel.”
Meeting my angel for the first time was a singular event in my life that you can about read here. It created a sort of ‘before’ and ‘after’ person, much like those pictures of people who’ve gotten a tummy-tuck or a face-lift…it was a life-changing event.


Except For You

Faeries and Butterflies

I’m Sorry


Kite Flying



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