Reading and Reviews

I’m not accustomed to writing about stuff I read. But I plan here to share with you some of the reading I have done along the way, and when the spirit moves me, to offer some thoughts and reactions.
Top of the list is the book to which I referred in several places written by Fr. James Martin, SJ, The Jesuit Guide To (Almost) Everything.
It prompted me to read just about all of Fr. Martin’s books and to subscribe to his blog. He’s such an accessible writer. His style hit a sweet spot with me and, from everything I’ve read, with many others, as well. My Kindle reader version of this book is so highlighted with my marks and notes, that it seems nearly every page has something of value to be tagged for future consideration.
In the Jesuit Guide, in particular, Fr. Martin writes about the basics — what is prayer, how to pray, how to find God, where to find God — sharing his own personal experience and perspective. He discusses the frustrations and inhibitions that he has felt with his own prayer, as well as his joy of discovering deeper and deeper ways to know and serve God.
Part of what caused me to begin this blog was the realization, after reading Fr. Martins descriptions of prayer, that I have used and continue to use several of the prayer forms he describes. I have felt in past that some of these these were just me being silly (especially in the case of writing letters, even love poems, to God), but after reading Fr. Martin’s writing, I felt a sense of liberation…many of the ways through which I have communicated with and honored God were what other people (people who actually know what they are supposed to be doing!) are doing. WOW!
[read more about the Jesuit Guide and Fr. James Martin’s books]

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