Please pray for our family today

Please pray for our son and his wife and baby.

I just received word that our son’s wife, who is 27-weeks pregnant, has gone to the hospital with spotting. This, as most of you probably know, indicates that the baby is in some distress.

Mom and baby are doing okay for now, but we have a specific prayer request that I’d like you all to consider praying on our behalf: It is that mom and baby are able to hang onto one another for at least another 10 weeks. This will help assure the baby’s chances of making it and being healthy.

By way of just a bit of background, this is the 3rd pregnancy for them. Their first baby miscarried. Their second child was born at 22 weeks and only survived for a few hours. I wrote here about the wonderful miracle that happened even in the midst of that tragedy.

Thank you so very much (in advance, for I know you will all do what you can to help) for your prayers.