The miracle of feeling awestruck by God’s beauty

Being awestruck by God’s creation involves at least two miracles. The first miracle is the beauty and magnificence of God’s creation.

Spiritbath, in this post “…hello dear universe,”  shared the beautiful Vimeo video from Christian Mulhauser, in which he uses time lapse photography to capture the Milky Way and other scenes from the Island of Maderia.

There are several miracles embedded here that led to my own personal miracle — the miracle of time lapse photography, the circumstances that led Mulhauser to desire to be a photographer, the technology used by internet sites like Vimeo, which allow a photographer to share his work with others around the globe, and Spiritbath’s openness to being awestruck by the beauty captured in Mulhauser’s video.

The miracle I want to reflect on is the miracle of God’s grace that allows us to be awestruck by the beauty His hand has created. I think it’s under-appreciated.

When I read the header on Spiritbath’s blog post I originally clicked through to the video thinking, “I know what this is going to be. I’m sure it’s beautiful, but don’t have time for looking at this sort of thing today.”

Earlier in the morning I had prayed that God would grant me the grace to recognize His hand working in my life, to see those small everyday miracles, which can change one’s outlook.

Without really thinking all this through consciously I realized somehow that I might as well have been thinking, “I don’t feel like being touched by God right now.”  [Editor Angel: You don’t FEEL like being touched by God?! Really? I thought you were past that kind of behavior? If not now, on a weekend at the beginning of a new year, when you’re essentially on vacation…then WHEN?! ]

Hmmm, and so it goes. So here I am, down on my knees begging God’s forgiveness…for what? My lack of appreciation? My faithlessness? My laziness? And yet, doesn’t life roll like this sometimes?

Everyday we have a choice about how and whether we allow God to touch our hearts.

As I watched Mulhauser’s video, I felt my own heart softening, my spirit lifting. And, as though, the sun was shining down, I felt His warmth wash over and through me.

What a blessing. What a miracle of grace to feel awestruck by God’s beauty.

Thank You, Lord. And, thank you Spiritbath and Mulhauser and Vimeo.

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