Revelation of irrelevance

Oh Lord, I have so much to give thanks for, yet so little energy for giving thanks.

Thank You for our health and for each other and for our relationship with You, most especially.

This is an odd time when I feel so very grateful and yet so reticent to sit down to spend time with You.

I’m always grateful when I get here, but so uninspired to be here—anywhere, really.

I don’t understand the near complete lack of compulsion, the ennui, when there’s really nothing keeping me from here, no other demands for my time.

This time in isolation due to Corona Virus is truly strange. I’m even grateful for it in many ways — especially for the slowing of our world and for the chance to stop and appreciate Your way and Your purposes for us — but it is strange.

Someone I was reading this morning likened it to a spiritual retreat — a time to be alone and uninterrupted with You, when I might be especially open to Your inspiration.

And so, I pray for that now Holy Lord. I pray that You might move me to write, just a little movement that might move me forward still to some worthwhile revelation; just a small word that might calm or move another somehow during this time.

Only with Your help will I find the strength to do this, for I am otherwise limp with irrelevance.

2 responses to “Revelation of irrelevance”

  1. It is kind of like a “spiritual retreat” isn’t it? I will say this though as I am watching the Easter Vigil Mass on EWTN, it is getting to be a hard one as time goes on. I could just jump in the television and grab the Host. I have never appreciated the Eucharist as much as I do now. Maybe that was the purpose of all of this for me. Love the post and God Bless, SR

    1. Oh SR. First, thank you for your thoughts. I’ve just now seen them and realize that I’m not getting alerted to comments to my posts. I’m sure it’s an easy adjustment somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet.

      Our churches here are planning to reopen in the next week in modified format. Praise God and the holy hunger he’s given us.

      Mary Adrienne

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