Song to a Lost Sheep

Why are you so afraid, little one?
Why do you tremble at the sound of my voice,
Run and hide from My words?
If your ears should hear My love for you,
If your eyes should see just a word or two,
What then?
What is it you fear?

If you open yourself to Me,
Do you worry I might deny you?
If I saw your weakness and shame,
Do you fear I might turn away?

I will never turn from you.
I promise.
My love is true.
It was in the beginning, is now and always shall be.

What could be the harm?
If you listened to My love for you,
Or if you let Me come close
And touch your heart?

Might that small voice in you whimper and catch in your throat?
Might tears fill your eyes?
Might that ache that has so long weighed heavy
Deepen all the more,
As you long for My touch,
As your desire for love,
Finally gives way to My love.

Don’t be afraid, My child.
Come, dry your tears.
Rest in Me a while.
The time for our banquet draws near.

Be with Me. Melt into My embrace.
Lean on Me for just a step or two,
As we approach the precipice,
Quick, take My hand.
Let Me help you fall in love with Me.

Oh, what beauty and goodness
I want to share with you.
I will show you your own beauty, too,
Which I gave you in the beginning.

How I long for you to know Me.

I’m here, waiting for you,
For just a glimpse even,
A brief encounter possibly,
When a breeze might brush the veil between us,
Causing it to flutter for just a moment.
If you glance up, your eyes will be dazzled
By the brightness of My light,
Blinded for a time maybe.
But your heart will know the warmth of My touch.

I’m here, waiting,
Longing for you to long for Me.
To know that I am.
To know that you are Mine
And that I am yours for the asking.

But, oh sweet child,
I only give. I do not take.
You must be willing to be Mine,
For your sake.
Like our sweet Mary,
You must answer, “yes” to My call.
You must agree to receive My endless love.
That’s all.
Just a small step.
One syllable.
Three letters.
Oh, please say ‘Yes.’

I will do the rest.
I will fill you with the feast of My love,
And we shall drink deeply, together,
In the joy of your salvation.
Then bit by bit,
Step by step,
We will walk together and we’ll dance,
And we’ll laugh,
And we’ll share the glory of My kingdom.

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