I’ve Chosen You For This. Don’t Lose Heart.

A note from our Lord:

Daughter, I know you have a great desire to share all that you have learned, to describe all the ways I have come to you and spoken with you. It is right and normal that you have this desire.

But just as I told so many people who I healed during my time with your forefathers — when I said, ‘go, do not tell anyone of what I have done for you,’ — so, too, have I done for you. I knew of their enthusiasm too and their desire to share with others the knowledge of my healing grace. But it was not time yet for them or for me. An unruly bunch, they often didn’t mind my words.

While I’ve brought a number of people to our writing online over the years, I’ve only offered you limited opportunities with friends to share our times together. And when you have led friends and family to our blog, they weren’t much ready for or interested in absorbing the meanings and messages we placed there.

But soon, there will come a time when friends and family will flood to the wisdom I’ve placed in you. It will cause you pain, my daughter. Although some will be blessed, many others will reject you and me. They always have. We have much work to do now that your time on earth is drawing to a close.

I have given you new friends. They will help motivate you and you, in turn, must help them find me in their voice.

I’ll be there with you. You will be two or three or even more, gathered in my name and I will be there, in love. I’ll be there with all of you.

Take a moment together before you begin each of your gatherings to feel my presence there with you. I know you get nervous and lose track of me, but I will help all of you to remember me during your formation. And soon it will be literally your second nature — your humanity clothed in my divinity, joined together in a holy kiss.

I’ve chosen you for this. Don’t lose faith when times are strange or awkward or hostile. I’ll be right there with you, loving you through it.

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