Lost in Your Love

St. John tells us today of Jesus’s incomparable love. Jesus laid down His life for us. He told us that there is “no greater love than this, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” He called us His friends, whom He chose and now appoints to go and to “bear fruit that will remain.

He promises to gives us whatever we ask of the Father in His name. And for all this, He makes only one command of us:

This I command you: love one another.”

Only with Your help, Lord, and by Your grace.

I pray You give me the grace of persevering in a love for You that can see no other but You in all whom You place with me — that I might recognize Your hiddenness, Your Mystery, in all things and Your love in all of Your creatures.

You allowed me briefly, recently, this grace as I received the Host and was filled with an overwhelming joy. The experience was fleeting — limited by my own limitations — lost so quickly, as the distractions of the world pressed in, preempting the union I felt with You.

Please Lord, help me to become so filled with Your Spirit that I might retain better the light and warmth of Your Love, the sense of Your glory and purpose, as I move about my day in Your world.

Help me, that in the transition from our time together to our time with others, that I don’t lose sight of You. Rather, pray I begin to see — truly see — You in the others You give me. Pray this “sight” does not become so clouded with the “stuff” of this world that Your beautiful face is blurred. Help me to love You so much that I see You in those You give me, see You in all things, love Your creatures as I love You, as You love them.

Help me fulfill my part — the role You’ve given me — in the holy trinity of Your love. Help me to be lost in Your love.

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