In 2013 when I started this web blog, it was a passionate response to personal revelation of our Lord’s work in my life.

This writing. Its place here online. Its purpose. I mostly didn’t understand its value beyond its value to me. It has seemed at times self-indulgent, self-centered and I’ve walked away for long stretches from sharing here.

Yet, even in those times when I wasn’t posting, He still compelled me to write; literally to stop what I was doing and I take the time to capture His message for me, to reduce it to words.

For a while I thought of it as merely an excellent exercise for my own interior understanding and development — a way to organize my thoughts. And, if that had been all there was, the sum total and reward of my effort, well good enough.

But, it wasn’t enough for Him:

Go further. Dig deeper. Be here, with Me. Let Me teach you. Bless you. Be here with Me. Hear My voice. Write down My words. Let Me guide your hand. Be here with Me. Then, share what we’ve written. Let me worry about the rest.

My own words can often be so much drivel. Still, frequently enough my Lord takes hold and gives me words so consoling. When I read them later, read of those special times when I felt His presence, I remember, and I can savor again the feelings of love and longing, awe and inspiration.

As I begin again in 2019, what I’ll post here are my prayers — my conversations with Our Lord. He is my only audience. Yet, I pray what I share here blesses you.