Conversations with Our Father

The Desert and the Devil

Lost in Your Love

Oh Truth

Prepare me for You, Oh Lord

Walk with Me, He said

The light of Your holy face

Dad, I need Your help!

Prepare my lips, oh Lord

How broken must we become

This is no sanctuary in this place

Lead me to follow You in faith

You delight in our sweetness, oh Lord

Sharing the light of Your love

Morning Prayer

Slow down, pay attention

Close my eyes that I might see

Soften my heart, Lord

A place of our own

Our Father who art in heaven

More worthy of You

The passion of our time

Loving heart to heart

On Divine Mercy Sunday, isolation from all but You

Feeling small

Revelation of irrelevance

In this time, send us Your Peace

Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from the evil one

When I’m feeling restless and dissatisfied

Love You. Trust You. Look to You. Rely on You.

All That I Have Is Yours

Thanksgiving Trepidation

Impeachment Anxiety

Divine Anticipation

Love Song

Learning to pray

Be a human bridge

“Have faith. Choose me,” said Our Father.

“For the kingdom belongs to such as these.”

“Words are cheap,” he replied.

Isolation versus solitude

Answered prayer

Here I am, Lord. Please be here with me.

Speak God’s truth. Leave the rest to Him

Sowing (and sacrificing) seeds of Your love and mercy

Yours first, holy Lord, Your Voice and teaching. Then I’ll go help Martha in the kitchen

Spread the Light of love, not the darkness of division

All of my day is Yours, Holy Father

On evangelization

I died to myself

You can’t teach what you don’t know..

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