You are mine

God gave you to me and you are mine – June 2016

Our moving is no cause to feel sad.
For we are bound in a special way,
by God,
who has given us to one another.
Just as He gave life to each of us,
He gave us to one another.
And we are gifts that cannot be returned,
or exchanged,
or left on another’s doorstep.
There’s no way for others to fill the part of me that God made just for you.
So, as we move to another place
and even another time,
understand that
just as His spirit lives in each of us,
so your spirit lives in that special place in me
made just for you.
I’m taking you with me
even without your knowledge
or consent
because you’re mine. You’re my sister.
God gave you to me and you are mine.

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