Thank You, Lord

written January 8, 2012

Thank you, Lord, for this day,
And for all the blessings in my life.

Your bounty is so rich and complete, Lord,
Yet, my thanks giving is so meager.

Where do I begin;
To express my thankfulness?

For my family

My love, our children, our parents, friends, community,
Our memories of those distant or departed?

For growing up

Even as I grow older?

For my health?

I live fully and face life’s triumphs and challenges,
knowing You are at my side.

For my prosperity?

For the amazing abundance I enjoy from Your bounty?

For my emotional growth?

That is strengthened by my constant acceptance of You in my life?

For my physical strength?

As You bless me continually
With greater knowledge of how to live a better life?

And yet, I ask for more.

How can I, after already receiving so much?

How can I come to You;

With my hand so brazenly outstretched;
Offering You only my begging bowl?

My sins have added again and again,

To the burden born by Your Son for my sake?

Your Son, My brother,

My Lord. How can I not cry out continually for Your forgiveness?

And yet, gracious Lord,

You ask me to bring to You
All my cares and sorrows,

And You mend them with Your perfect solutions,

Taking my brokenness and making me whole once again.

Why me, Lord?

How have I possibly been worthy,
Or worth it?

If I have a need this day, Lord,

Beyond the beauty and bounty and wonder
With which you’ve already blessed my life,
It is this:

Bless me Father,

Help me to bring You my joy

And my strength;

Help me to commit each day to You;

To live a life worthy of Your love.

Remove my sin, O Lord,

Or, if you find me wanting still,

Take my sin,

Make it a blessing for another’s willfulness.

Refine my misdeeds into golden examples,

For others, if You see fit, of how not to be.

Direct me on Your path, Father,

Make it clear and straight.

But when I stumble, O Lord,

As I will in my humanity,

Help me always to come to You first;

To enslave myself only into Your debt.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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