Relocating our spiritual center

When Joseph and Mary finally found Jesus in the Temple, how relieved and filled with joy they must have been. Losing my child in the midst of a crowd was always a great fear for me, when I would take our daughter anywhere. I can only imagine the emptiness and anxiety and dread that any parent must feel in such a situation.

Similar, too, I believe might be the anxiety and the helplessness we feel, when we lose sight of Christ in our own lives…when we lose our way, or when we feel as though we have. This story of Mary and Joseph retracing their steps to Jerusalem to find their lost son provides a guide for us during these times when He seems lost to us.

When we lose sight of our spiritual center, we too need to retrace our steps. Jesus asked Mary, when she finally found Him in the Temple, “But why did you need to search? Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?”

When we are searching for the Jesus, the Word Incarnate, I need to remember that He is close at hand. I need in these times to return to my intentional reading of The Word, my Bible. He’s there, just waiting for me, as He goes about Our Father’s business.

Christmas Letters to my Lord-Part III

From family harmony to community connectedness. You have shown Yourself to me in amazing ways this Christmas. How can my meager ‘thank you’ be sufficient? How do I love You more and better? How can my faith possibly be enough?

Pope Benedict XVI wrote these reassuring words in Jesus of Nazarath, From the baptism in the Jordan to the transfiguration,

“Initial enthusiasm (for the Lord) is easy. Afterward, though, it is time to stand firm, even along the monotonous desert paths that we are called upon to traverse in this life – with the patience it takes to tread evenly, a patience in which the romanticism of the initial awakening subsides, so that only the deep, pure Yes of faith remains…

“If the fruit we are to bear is love, its prerequisite is this “remaining,” which is profoundly connected with the kind of faith that holds on to the Lord and does not let go.”

As my faith grows and finds strength in Your grace, I want to give more to others in order to honor You and Your faithfulness with me.

This, too, is Your gift to me this Christmas – learning again and again that in both giving and receiving Your blessings with a gracious and faith-filled ‘Yes,’ I will come to know You better.

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